Tap the touchscreen and the flame of the Olympus (electric plasma) will light up at 1000 'c in a millisecond and you will be able to ignites anything coming in contact with your ZeusLit ®.

Do NEVER touch the flame as it will cause an electric shock and burn the skin. Keep it out of children's hands. 

Because it is mythological and will save you on average 50 - 80$ a year on lighter! Forget about refilling or replace gas lighter, the future is here!

Yes ZeusLit ® is completely weather-proof. No matter how hard Poseidon (water), Aeolus (wind) or Boreas (cold) try to shut the ZeusLit ® flame the mythological flame will always burn! 

ZeusLit ® are safer then conventional gas lighters! No more burning upside flames on your fingers!

Each ZeusLit ® comes with its own free micro - USB cable! Use any electronic items to charge it, anything with an USB port!

~ 45 minutes will be enough to charge your ZeusLit ® and it will last for 250+ ignitions!

- The mythological ZeusLit ®

- Micro - USB charger

- Gift box

- User manual

2 - 4 days for shipping and 7 - 15 days to your door. 

The Covid - 19 pandemic is affecting our deliveries so bear with us and be patient, your ZeusLit ® is on his way.

ZeusLit ® can be returned within 14 days from the purchase with a valid reason. Send and email to director@zeuslit.com with and explanation and our customer support service will help you!

Send your questions to the ZeusLit ® Olympus at director@zeuslit.com