ZeusLit ® Story

In the ancient time the humans were trying to find a solution to pollution and plastic wastage. The use of fossil fuels hence the use of plastic wasn't sustainable anymore. Since the discovery of fire the human race needed energy to light up their caves, later on homes, to fuel their cars, light up candles and sin.

The Olympus then decided to help the common mortals with a new technology, the plasma electric ignition. A small company under the name of ZeusLit ®
decided to leverage this immense power to create a multifunctional object...

ZeusLit ® has already helped the world to diminish the waste of plastic by reducing the use of plastic lighters.
ZeusLit ® decided to start a revolution with a fashion touch. We wanted a product that is functional but most importantly good for the environment. After years banging the head against the wall we finally developed the perfect lighter. A lighter that is rechargeable and that use the power of plasma and electricity to reduce fuel fossil use and still lighting up things like a god.

We test all our lighters before they are shipped out. We only use premium quality materials and the latest plasma technology to ensure the best experience possible. In case you have any question, or any problem arises, we are here 24/7 happy and ready to help you.